CV Advice

As you can appreciate we spend much of our time reviewing CV’s and making decisions based on the content of the CV on whom we should call first for the opportunities we are contracted to fill. The CV’s that stand out will always be the first we contact and so it is in your best interest to ensure your CV is one that grabs our attention, for all the right reasons!

You only get one chance to make a good first impression

Emily - Operations

Your CV is often your first and only opportunity to make the right impression and with that in mind we want to help you to get to the top of the pile for the opportunities that interest you the most.

Many of the mistakes we come across are very common and can be very easily corrected by you. Here then is a list of the most common CV failures we come across day-to-day and some tips on the right way to approach the construction of your CV…

  • Always add dates to your employment history
  • Layout your employment history with the most recent at the top
  • Summarise your trade / duties and responsibilities with each entry – bullet points are much more effective than long paragraphs
  • When it comes to permanent roles, tailor your CV to the job role. It helps to demonstrate you want this job, not just any job!
  • Make sure you elaborate on your skills and experiences relevant to the role you are applying for
  • Use a covering letter to demonstrate your interest in the specific role and help to generate a picture of your personality
  • If you have employment gaps, always explain them fully
  • Instead of saying you work well as an individual and/or part of a team, give examples
  • Always send all the information requested at the same time, this will avoid delay and you’re more likely to be successful this way
  • Use Spell Check and check everything twice
  • Where possible email your CV in Word format rather than PDF
  • Keep your layout clear and simple
  • Always include your up to date contact details – name, address, telephone numbers and email
  • References take up valuable CV space, we will always ask you for these separately when required