We have compiled a list of answers to the most common questions we get asked by our candidates.  If you can’t find the answer to your question on here, please give us a call.

1. If I work through Altitude Select, can I go Self Employed?

In short, no.  The government is clamping down on false self employment in the industry due to the increasing number of people using it as a way of not paying tax.  We can only work with you if you are: PAYE directly through us; PAYE through an HMRC compliant Umbrella Company; Limited Company.

2. If I work through Altitude Select, can I work through my own Limited Company?

As long as the project permits, then yes.  We expect Limited Company contractors to provide a copy of their Certificate of Incorporation which confirms the company legally exists and shows the company number and date of formation.

3. Which Umbrella company can I use?

There are many Umbrella companies to choose from and it’s important to ensure they are compliant with government regulations.  We have contracts in place with a select few Umbrella companies, who are HMRC compliant and offer preferential rates for Altitude Select candidates.  If you already have a preferred Umbrella company you would like to use, we are happy to consider as long as they can provide us with the relevant documentation which shows their compliance with HMRC.

4. What certificates do I need to get offshore?

All offshore workers will need the following certification, valid and in date:
– OGUK Medical
Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET)
– Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST)
– Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS)
Please note Altitude Select do not cover this training, you must already have the certs to be considered for any offshore positions.

5. What do I need to work on a nuclear power station?

Anyone wishing to work on a nuclear site must hold a nuclear clearance number (which begins with ‘CN’), and a CTC reference number.  In addition you must have worked on a nuclear site (or received your new clearance details) within the last 12 months. 

The nuclear clearance number is obtained by passing your Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) application.  You must do this through a company, you cannot apply for this as an individual.  Altitude Select are able to put select candidates through the application where necessary.
The Counter Terrorism Check (CTC), is completed once BPSS has been achieved.  The CTC does not replace the BPSS, the CTC is a requirement in addition to the BPSS.

6. I have my Scottish Disclosure number, is this enough to work on a nuclear power station?

In order to put you forward for nuclear power station jobs we will need your actual ‘CN’ number.  The long Scottish Disclosure number is not a valid reference in place of your ‘CN’ number.  The Scottish Disclosure forms a part of the BPSS application, and is not the final security clearance document.

7. How are pay rates determined?

Pay rates are dictated by each job or client – we will discuss this with you at the time for each job. Usually our clients tell us what rates are to be paid to candidates so that they remain in line with other staff or agreements on sites or installations.

8. Are my travel and lodge requirements always covered?

Each job and client will have different policies we have to adhere to, and we will always tell you what the travel and lodge policy is when we discuss the job with you. 

9. Where a travel allowance is offered, how do I claim this back?

We will need you to email us a clear copy of your receipts, the agreed amount will be paid to you with your wages.  Please note that we are unable to pay for expenses if you cannot provide the receipt.

10. What is your fitness for work policy?

We expect all our candidates to be in a fit and proper state for work at the required times, as per the client and site requirements.

11. How do we know what jobs you have available?

We don’t advertise all our jobs on our website, a lot of the time we work directly from our own network and database of candidates.  Throughout the year we work on manning up shut downs and maintenance projects.  On the other side of the spectrum we have ad hoc vacancies which can arise last minute.  We recommend you keep in touch with us and update us on your availability as appropriate, so that we can keep you updated with jobs as they come in.

12. How do I register my details with Altitude Select?

To register with us please email your CV, relevant trade certs and safety tickets to the Operations team, on energy@altitudeselect.com.  Your details will be added to our system so that we can call you with suitable opportunities as they arise.

13. I’m starting a new assignment through Altitude Select, what if I have to contact you out of hours?

We are always available for our candidates to ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.  We understand you may have things to discuss, questions to ask, which isn’t always possible when you can’t take your phone on site.  You will be given an out of hours number should you wish to contact us in the evenings or weekends.

14. I’m sending you a lot of information, is it protected?

Altitude Select is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

15. Who should I contact if I have an issue at work?

When you start an assignment you will always know who your supervisor is for any issues on site.  Issues should always be taken up with us first, where this isn’t possible or appropriate please speak to your supervisor/line manager of our client so that they can be communicated to the right people and resolved quickly.  We would request that, where possible, you do not go to the end client as this can create further confusion.