Rapid Placement Service

Welcome to the Altitude Select Rapid Placement Service, for your temporary and contract staffing needs.

Our Rapid Placement Service is designed to cut out the hassle of paperwork and the restriction of PSL lists in that time of need. Whatever your current hiring method, the Rapid Placement Service is designed to work alongside it, rather than impose. Consider this: you normally do your own hiring internally. You have a team of welders committed to go offshore tomorrow and one of them lets you down last minute. You don’t have time to replace him – just give us a call and we’ll do the work for you. The Rapid Placement Service means we have already agreed terms so there is no need to go through other agencies and their paperwork last minute when your priority is to mobilise. To enable us to fulfil these requests, we have limited the number of Rapid Placement clients we sign up.  Each Rapid Placement client is given a direct ‘all hours’ mobile number and email address to instigate the service. We will review the service with you quarterly to ensure you are getting both value and benefit.

Benefits you will receive from the service:

Speed | with our extensive database, Altitude Select can deliver high quality candidates quickly.  Upon receiving the spec, we create a short list of candidates that match your criteria and ear mark them to you. We notify a portion of our candidates that are on a rapid placement system who can be called out of hours and at weekends to be ready to mobilise quickly. We also ask that they notify us of their changes in availability as this is an ever moving and changing list maintained for our Rapid Placement clients.

Quality | we will not compromise quality to deliver the rapid service, we will always work within your or your clients’ requirements to deliver Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel.

Selection | we will send you a selection of candidates (depending on how many you need), to choose from.

Price | we will not charge extortionate fees for this search and placement service, all Rapid Placement clients get a fixed fee percentage over cost of employment.  Mobilisation costs are agreed with you according to your procedures. 

 Rapid Placement Case Studies:

Case Study One:
A jack up rig incurred unexpected problems over the Christmas and New Year period and had to be towed to shore. Upon its arrival in Harwich we had a team ready quay side with three days notice, consisting of Riggers, Platers, Welders, Electricians and Mechanical Fitters. The rig was repaired quay side over a two week period. Without the Rapid Placement service the holiday period would have added unnecessary obstacles to get the rig mobile again.

Case Study Two:
Fire main damage on an FPSO resulted in a requirement for teams of trades offshore. The requirements were the usual BOSIET, MIST and Medical and experience on an FPSO in the past (as well as the trade qualification requirements). As we have worked on FPSO’s extensively over the last few years, we called and mobilised a team we had previously used and the repairs were under way within 24 hours.

Case Study Three:
A NUI in the SNS needed a Level 3 Crane Operator, having been let down by a candidate not turning up for a flight out of North Denes.  The Crane Operator needed extra competencies due to the NUI having to spread the competencies over a small team.  We found a fantastic HLO, Coxwain Level 3 Crane Operator from Fife and mobilised him by train. Upon arrival we picked him up from the train station and took him to a local guest house, he then flew out from North Denes in the morning which allowed the repairs and maintenance to continue, and minimised disruption.

There are many examples of the benefit this Service provides to our Rapid Placement clients. There are also varying reasons our Rapid Placement Service has been initiated. Whatever your reasons may be, or the future may hold, this service provides you with peace of mind that your projects will be delivered with minimal delay.