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Looking for candidates?
Looking for candidates?
All the manpower you could need

Whether you need contingent workers, permanent project staff or rapid placements at the last minute, we'll find the right people to get your job done.


Forget Jack of all trades. We just do energy.

With decades of experience working across the sector, when we say we know energy, we mean it.

Having the right team working together on a job is critical to its success. We get to know each of our clients' projects inside-out, and we're always on hand to help you secure the right people — so your job's done right, on time, and on budget.

Unlike other agencies, we don't take to the "bums on seats" mentality that's all-too-common in the industry, where a swanky shortlist is prioritised over finding the right person for the job. No time-wasters; we know who and what it takes to get a job done well, and we focus on finding them — even for a rapid, next day placement.

Our time on the ground — from builds to supervisory roles and outage delivery management — means we know exactly what's needed in a candidate for any given project. So, whether you're looking for technicians, platers, engineers, administrative staff or safety personnel, we already know the certs, qualifications, experience and attitude they need to be the right fit. This means you can spend less time briefing us, and more time on tasks that matter.

When you do give us a brief, we'll never come back saying we can't help or that there's no one out there that fits the bill. If we do see an issue filling a specific role, we'll tell it to you straight but we'll work round the clock to come up with alternative solutions to keep things moving for you.

And our work doesn't stop there. When you partner with us, we'll organise meet-and-greets with candidates where possible, and look after onboarding processes, drug & alcohol testing and accommodation. Our payroll team manages invoices for contingent workers, so you can leave the hassle to us, and keep things simple.

We're also available 24/7 when candidates are on the road so they can get a hold us if the unexpected happens and we can keep you in the loop.

100% IR35 compliance guarantee 

Ahead of the changes coming into force from April 2020, we've partnered with an IR35 specialist to adopt an IR35 compliance management system to ensure all contract recruitment is 100% compliant with the new regulations. Insurance-backed, if any contracts are tax-investigated you'll be completely indemnified.

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